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Here is a list of general and popular recommendations, divided into convenient categories. Please take your time to browse & read through the information and guidelines provided below, or click here to access VIEW ALL WEDDING CATEGORIES.


This sets the tone for your special day! Create a lasting first impression and add to the excitement of your guest arrivals by using an experienced artist that can set the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. Something Classical will add a sophisticated feel, while live Jazz will have set a more laid-back tone, or book an African act for a really ethnic arrival experience.

Once inside the chapel / ceremony area, a Classical ensemble sets the perfect mood for the service from the time when the guests start to arrive, and can provide any wedding march or processional piece for the arrival of the bride, as well as accompany hymns, the exchange of rings, and the signing of the register. Other popular choices for ceremony entertainment include Jazz artists, Choirs, wedding singers to perform that special song, and African entertainment to add that ethnic feel.

After the ceremony, it's time for your guests to relax, unwind, and absorb and celebrate the greatness of the moment you have all been waiting for - the couple saying "I Do"! The entertainment should be light and fun; something that will complement the champagne and canopies, whilst contributing to lasting memories of this special hour or two! Go with Light Classical (most Classical ensembles, if booked for the ceremony and pre-dinner drinks, will move to light & more contemporary repertoire during this stage), introduce an Easy Listening & Jazzy act or, if yours is an African themed wedding, or you have many international guests, some great African entertainment.


The music played during the reception will go a long way in creating the mood of the evening. A live band can really make the difference, but you need to make sure that you choose the right band for your reception. The most important question to ask yourself is whether you want dance music (or at least the option for guests to dance), or purely good live background music? If it is dance music you're after, you would need quite a large band (minimum 4-piece, usually) that can perform a lot of covers and knows how to get and keep people on the dance floor. An alternative is to book an Easy listening artist to perform during dinner, as well as a DJ to take over when it's time to hit the dance floor.


Are you looking to do something completely different? Want to add to the excitement of your Big Moment by blowing your guests away with innovative entertainment of international standard? A Novelty Act, Show Band, or Circus Act / Acrobat would certainly get your guests talking, and will create great memories of the occasion! Novelty Entertainment can be used during any stage of the wedding, instead of or in addition to the more traditional entertainment choices!

The music samples below denote the standard wedding repertoire performed by the Five Seasons Classical in-house ensembles; they have been tried and tested at hundreds of successful weddings. Should you have any special requests which do not fall within the scope of this list, we are happy to consider such requests, given adequate notice. Kindly note however that certain special requests and items which require special transciption, or purchase of sheet music, will attract additional costs and will be quoted for separately. Please read our FAQ Section for clarification.

PRELUDE (before ceremony)

We suggest prelude music from 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This sets the mood for your guests as they are waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. It is not necessary for you to choose the prelude music; through long experience we have found that allowing the musicians to choose from a wide variety of material, according to what "feels" best for the moment and the location, usually works best.

Typically, the music before the ceremony will include some of the following:


SERVICE MUSIC (Register, Unity Candle etc.)


The reperoire is typically lighter and up-beat, incorporating light Classics, Tangos, Jazz, Movie theme tunes, Broadway pieces etc.


Processionals / Recessionals

Other(Register etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (Weddings)

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We have compiled a list of questions most frequently asked by wedding couples. If you do not find an answer to your queries, feel free to contact us on

For more general FAQs, please visit our General FAQs page.

Booking Procedures

Question: How do I make a booking?

Answer: Take your time to scroll through the many performers listed on Gigster, and submit an Enquiry for the act(s) that interest you. You will be directed to the relevant enquiry form straight from the Artist's listing page. The Artist (or their representative) will respond to you ASAP with a quote, and you can subsequently ask any questions you may have, to make sure you are choosing the right act for your big day. When you are ready, you can click "Accept Quote" for the artist and performance option of your choice, and the artist will have the opportunity to reconfirm availability (just to make 100% sure they are still available for your event!), after which you will be requested to accept the booking terms, and you will receive payment information. Typically a 50% deposit will be payable upon confirmation, while the balance of the fee will be payable +- 5 days before your event. All your event details, quotes and booking details, as well as a log of all your communication with the artist, will be available online for you to refer to at any time! Visit How It Works for a more detailed step by step guide on using Gigster. Back to top

Question: How long will it take for the artist to answer my initial enquiry?

Answer: We encourage our artists to respond to enquiries within one working day. Most artists are very fast and you should start receiving replies and quotes within an hour or two. The artists do of course also get busy with performances and rehearsals etc, so occasionally a response can take a bit longer. Rest assured though that the Artists listed on Gigster are all professional in their conduct, which includes prompt communication and service delivery. Back to top


Question: I have limited budget. Will I be able to book live entertainment for my wedding

Answer: We hope so! There are some very reasonably priced artists listed on Gigster. Please keep an eye on the budget indicator on each artist enquiry page, this should guide you in terms of whether your chosen artist will be able to accommodate your budget. Back to top

Question: What are the charges for live entertainment? Is it very expensive?

Answer: Gigster caters for a variety of budgets. However, it is useful to bear in mind that larger acts will attract higher rates and therefore a 5-piece band or performance group will be more expensive than a soloist or 2-piece. Likewise, a longer booking will be more expensive than a short one. Big name / celebrity acts tend to be a bit pricey for most wedding budgets Back to top

Question: Do performers charge for travel / petrol?

Answer: For venues in within major centres, petrol is not normally charged. For venues outside major centres, travel charges will be applied to your booking. This charge will always be advised to you at quotation stage and should be taken into account for your budgeting. Back to top

General Booking Questions

Question: I would like to see / hear some of the Artists before booking. Can they come to my house to perform for me, like an audition?

Answer: Typically not. Many artists will be willing to meet with you at a time and place convenient to them, but an audition is usually not possible. Most Artists' listing pages include various sound and video clips, as well as images and useful information; if you need more information, this can be requested from the Artist and they should be happy to assist! If you would still like to hear the Artist before making a booking, they may agree to do this for you at a predetermined fee. Back to top

Question: My wedding is taking place outdoors. Is this a problem? Can the musicians perform in direct sunlight?

Answer: Instruments can sustain substantial damage if played in direct sunlight. Therefore, we ask that you provide a shaded area with umbrellas / gazebo in order to protect the musicians' instruments. This is an absolute requirement and unfotunately not negotiable. Back to top

Question: How long will my booking be?

Answer: Different artists offer different packages. The duration of performance will be specified to you when the artist quotes. You can include your preference in the enquiry form, if you wish. Back to top

Question: What if my wedding runs late?

Answer: Your Artist's booking time is indicated on your Agreement. If the proceedings run late and the artist is available to stay for longer than initially agreed, there is provision for overime in the contract, but this will attract an additional charge. Back to top

Question: Do Artist require meals & beverages?

Answer: Usually yes, depending on the length of the booking. The hospitality requirements will be noted clearly on your Quote and Agreement. Back to top


Question: One of my friends / relatives will be singing / playing something at my wedding. Can they join the group I want to book, and when can they rehearse?

Answer: Most artists will try to accommodate such a request and in most cases, a quick rehearsal in the set-up time before ceremony will suffice, but in others a separate rehearsal may be required. The Artist may need to quote for this separately so be sure to include this request with your initial enquiry. Back to top

Question: I would like the Artist to attend a wedding rehearsal.

Answer: Rehearsals are not normally necessary for the Artist. Gigster-listed artists are highly experienced performers and would have asked you any questions they may have, prior to the wedding date. If you insist on a rehearsal, the Artist will probably need to quote for this separately. Back to top

Question: Why do artists charge for rehearsals? Is this really fair? Surely they should include this as a free service seeing as I am paying for their performance at my wedding?

Answer: You will be paying for their performance at the wedding only and the rates are already favourable in order to accommodate high wedding costs. Artists charge for their time, whether in performance or rehearsal. Back to top


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