About Gigster

Question: What / who is Gigster?

Answer: Gigster is the revolutionary way of booking live entertainment for events - an online platform exposing hundreds of corporate clients, event organisers, entertainment bookers and private clients to over 600 of SA's top performers. Conceptualised and developed by Five Seasons Entertainment, Gigster encapsulates the entertainment industry knowledge, live performance booking tools and 12 years' hands-on experience only a high-end agency could offer - all in one sophisticated and dynamic online platform! Visit About Us to find out more. Back to top

Question: What has happened to Five Seasons Entertainment?

Answer: We are still here, and dedicated to our mission of modernising the process of booking live entertainment in South Africa and beyond. We have spent two years conceptualising and perfecting Gigster, and we are far from done! We aim to keep improving the system, adding new features and useful tools, and ultimately globalising it in order to expose our performers to new territories. Back to top

Question: Can Five Seasons still manage my entertainment?

Answer: We can; however, we have designed Gigster with the goal of giving you and the artist full control over your bookings, whilst offering all the necessary tools to ensure efficiency and accuracy form both sides involved in the booking process. So in short, you actually don't need an agent! However, if you are looking for an entertainment specialist to take care of all the ins and outs of your entertainment booking, we are happy to quote on this service; you can send an email to consult@gigster.co.za. Back to top

Question: Why use Gigster?

Answer: Gigster offers the most comprehensive list of agency-approved live performers in South Africa. You have the ability to enquire with a number of acts of your choice, all on one platform, and expect the artist managers / representatives to promptly and directly respond to you with a customised and detailed quotation. Our artists are encouraged and incentivised to offer the best price possible. All your enquiries and quotes are available on your dashboard, together with a log of all communication having taken place between yourself and the Artist, whether via email or our online messaging system. Back to top

How It Works

Question: Is it easy to use?

Answer: Very easy! The system and the Artist basically does all the work for you - once you've found some entertainment options you like, all you need to do is submit an enquiry, and wait for Artists to respond to you with quotes, which you can view and manage on our dashboard. When you have all the information and answers you need, confirming is an easy and clear 3 step process. Try it!
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Question: How do I get started?

Answer: See our How it Works section for a step-by-step guide on how to use the site.
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Question: Do I need to pay to use the service?

Answer: Gigster does not charge the customer a fee for its services, instead, the Artist pays Gigster a pre-determined commission for each confirmed booking.
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Question: What are your Terms and Conditions?

Answer: Please peruse our Terms of Use to familiarise yourself with our terms and policies. Your making use of this site implies that you have read and agreed to our terms.
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About Artists

Question: I have never booked live entertainment, are artists professional or should I be worried?

Answer: Most of the artists listed on our site are career performers; they take their jobs very seriously and live by the motto "you're only as good as your last gig". From an administrational and details point of view - Gigster is designed to aid artists (and clients) to cover all the bases to ensure a smooth and successful booking, so that on the night, the artists can focus on their craft and deliver the best value to you! Back to top

Question: Can any Artist be listed on Gigster?

Answer: Not at all, we have a very strict artist listing policy and a rigorous selection process through which we scrutinise potential artists' performance experience, marketing material, recordings and videos and repertoire lists, and we do background checks if necessary. Only about 50% of applicants are successful. Back to top

Question: I would like to call the artist.

Answer: We do not publish Artist's contact details on the site, but by submitting a booking enquiry, you are making direct contact with the Artist / their representative. Once you have received a quotation, you are welcome to request the artist / representative's phone number if you would like to have a chat. Back to top

When to Contact Gigster

Question: I would like advice on what to book, can I give you a call?

Answer: Do it online! Our online Act Suggestion service is designed to assist you with relevant entertainment options for your event, if you are unsure what to choose yourself. Simply click UNSURE WHAT TO CHOOSE and follow the steps in the form to provide us with the necessary information, and a live entertainment specialist will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts, who will be in touch with you directly with quotes and more information. Back to top

Question: I'm not sure how to complete an online form

Answer: You should just complete at least all the fields that are marked with an asterisk (*) and click submit. If you are having difficulty, you are welcome to send your enquiry via email to support@gigster.co.za, or give us a call and we will gather the information from you, and submit it on your behalf. Back to top

Question: I am having technical difficulties

Answer: Please email us on support@gigster.co.za with a description of your issue, together with your enquiry reference number. We will look into it as soon as possible (usually immediately) and will keep you posted. Back to top


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