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26.01.2018 - Amanda Faku is No "Ordinary" Person

From Small Beginnings to Big Dreams...
Stepping onto a stage for the first time in her life, Amanda Faku became an instant star and received the fastest four-chair-turn when she sang John Legend’s "Ordinary People"... And as the saying goes, "the rest is history…"

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13.11.2017 - Mesmerizing entertainment for all ages

Whether he's entertaining thousands of audience members at Carnival City or just a handful at a corporate function, André's shows are always mesmerising and hilarious. The award-winning hypnotist's shows are suitable for all ages, providing the perfect night out for everyone. We have asked Andre to share some of his hypnotic secrets!

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10.10.2017 - Worth their Weight in Gold!

As one of SA's most loved all-female groups, 3 Tons of Fun has performed at functions for several top companies locally, as well as overseas in exotic locations such as to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius. 10 Years into a career that exceeded all expectations, we chat to them about where they come from and where they're going! Read here

24.08.2017 - Spicing up the Airwaves with Sureshnie

Sureshnie Rider, is a multi-tasker of note and her love for people and sharing is almost infectious.  Not only is she a radio presenter and newsreader on 5fm's Roger Goode Show, she is also a DJ, TV production manager, MC, voiceover artist, motivational speaker, community builder and most importantly, wife and mother.  We managed to steal a few moments from her busy schedule to find out more about her and her career. Read here

17.07.2017 - They literally play with fire for a living!

With a shared passion for fire arts, Morgan and Herman founded Tandem Flame in 2016. Their approximately 10 years’ experience in fire performance and their thorough understanding of this powerful element allows them to skillfully manipulate it with elegant accuracy. We asked Morgan a few questions.....

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27.06.2017 - Jude Harpstar simply rocks it!

Winner of numerous national and international awards and scholarships, Jude Harpstar's (Judith van der Wat) unconventional style and astonishing talent on her electro/acoustic harps and piano, ensure that every performance is riveting. We stole a few moments of her time to find out a bit more about her....

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05.06.2017 - From Dreams to Reality with Wian

Wian van den Berg of SA's Got Talent and America's Got Talent fame, talks to us about his magic, inspiration and big dreams...

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30.05.2017 - Catching up with Carina

We chat to Gigster's founder, acclaimed musician, marathon swimming legend, and mother of three, Carina Bruwer - about fluting, swimming, oh and - revolutionising the business of booking gigs!

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