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Thriving in the Workplace

Burnout has become a standard feature of the modern workplace, resulting in absenteeism, low morale and reduced productivity.

  • What is burnout?
  • How do you recognise it in yourself and others?
  • What strategies can individuals and organisations put in place to combat burnout and promote performance and well-being?

In this informative and inspiring talk I share my story of burnout, the lessons I learned, and the key tools and strategies to promote performance and well-being in the workplace. This talk is geared towards audiences in high pressure/high stress environments.

Failing Forward - Using Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success

Often when we talk about what it takes to succeed we leave out a key element of the equation: failure. In this talk I share my story of career failure and how facing what went wrong and learning from it enabled me to make a difference to many other doctors facing similar challenges. I also use the contrasting approaches of two industries - Medicine and Aviation - to illustrate the impact of embracing failure at the organisational and industry levels.

This inspiring talk is ideal for schools, universities and emerging leaders, as well as in organisations going through challenging times.

Thriving for Women and Girls

From an early age girls are taught to put other people's needs ahead of their own, to always be polite, and to dim their light so as not to outshine others. "Nobody likes a bossy girl!" In this talk I challenge these messages and offer alternative ones to empower women and girls to thrive in their places of learning and work. 

Noteworthy Performances

  • Eskom Trendspotting Indaba 
  • Sanlam Women's Event 
  • Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) Convention
  • School Librarians Conference 
  • TEDx Johannesburg
  • Stanford Lake College
  • Herschel Girls High School
  • Proudly Primary Conference
  • University of the Free State Graduation Ceremony
  • University of Stellenbosch Medical Oat Taking Ceremony

Client Feedback

“I cannot tell you how much we appreciated your visit to the Bloemfontein Campus of the University of the Free State and your stunning presentation at the two graduation ceremonies. You are a powerful role model to our students as an accomplished medical professional, businesswoman and mother.”  - Prof. Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor, University of the Free State

“One of my favourite talks from TEDxJohannesburg 2014. Thank you.”  - Kelo Kubu, TEDxJohannesburg Convener

“Charming, confident, understated, articulate, eloquent, intelligent.”  - Peter Foster, Director, Foster Wealth Management

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Typical Budget for Dr Maria Phalime is
R20000 - R35000.


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