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Location: Based in Cape Town


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  • Professional Motivational Speaker,
  • Keynote address Speaker,
  • Trainer
  • Conference Hostess
  • Sales Meeting facilitator
  • Trainer


"My Journey to 121 Marathons"

There are not many people who have done 100 of anything......Lara shares with you in intricate detail from her "True Excerpts Journal to (121+) marathons"( where every race she has ever run has been recorded in journals and spreadsheeted ! ),  the "life lessons" she has garnished from her experience in the world of long distance running for the past 30 years. It makes for the content of "a very different speaker", and with the popularity that running has recently undergone in the community of South Africa, it will keep your audience entertained and riveted with the unique stories and anecdotes, and perhaps even inspire them to start running who knows ?!

You may also catch Lara's blog on social media every Friday on this specific topic called "True Excerpts from my Journal to (121 and still counting)  Marathons".

Why NOT to Emigrate from South Africa !(from personal experience)"

Lara Kaplan Share’s with you an extremely hot topic in South Africa right now,…

“Should I stay or should I go ?”….ie Emigrate from South Africa !

She shares with you her personal riveting experience(  between 7 minutes and 60 minutes(  depending on your Corporate or Sales environment requirement ), called :

“Why NOT to Emigrate from South Africa!”

"From Couch Potato to "Marathon/Comrades Runner" in One Year !"

Lara has COMPLETED 121 Marathons  from 42,2kms to 160kms (a ‘Hundred Miler’), including 17 Comrades Marathons(90kms), 13 Two Oceans Marathons(56kms), An” Iron Man” Triathlon(3,8km swim/180 km bike and 42,2km run) and Several canoe races such as the Duzi and Fish River Canoe Marathons and shares with you , how you too, can go from “Zero to Hero”  in sport and fitness and make a massive lifestyle shift, all within ONE YEAR !

"Women: Get your Best Body EVER After Age 40 ! (or even Age 50!)"

Lara has been a personal trainer and is extremely offay with the nutrition required to get a Killer Body after Age 40!  At 50 she is living proof of how any woman can have her “Best Body Ever” - after age 40!

Lara also offers Talks Tailor Made with your Particular Audience in Mind 

Client Feedback

"We hired Lara about 9-12 times between 2000-2006 and she helped get Montrose City to get to a top ranked position in a famous Petroleum franchise group by motivating our staff of 100 Plus on a regular Basis" - Ralph From Montrose City

"Lara is a Sportswoman Extraordinaire and has excelled in the Comrades Marathon on 16 occasions. She is a person of integrity and character, and has been a very close friend of mine for about 30 years.She has spoken on the Comrades Panel talks together with celebratories like Bruce Fordyce on a few occasions, and demonstrates true focus and grit in anything she puts her mind to.You would be honoured to have her motivate your staff or audience".  - Don Oliver, Former Comrades Marathon Coach

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Typical Budget for Lara Kaplan is
R10000 - R20000.


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