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Why is leadership so important? At no time in the history of the world has change taken place at a more accelerated rate than what we are currently experiencing. The world is being shaped and influenced by industries that in the not too distant past never even existed and industries that previously dominated have become all but redundant. Research has shown that the likelihood that an industry leader will lose its top position within five years has doubled since 1972.

Despite the fact that we live in a vastly different world we still cling onto the rule books of the past. Organizations still operate from an Industrial age mindset and our education systems globally are still largely geared to provide solutions and prepare learners for a world gone by. If we are going to thrive in the new economy, we cannot operate from an outdated “mind map”. This presentation looks at leadership in a world of disruptive change and why we need a new approach.


What really separates the truly world class performers from average performers? Throughout the history of our species, we have always been enthralled at the tales of individuals with great natural talent. At the recent Olympics in London, we marveled at the strength, skill, endurance, speed and agility of the athletes. We are inspired and in awe of the musical and artistic geniuses around us. If you consider greatness in any field of endeavor, it has always been associated with a “divine spark” of some sort, a gift from the Gods. Throughout time, we have been obsessed with explaining why some people succeed and others don’t. What is that distinguishing factor? Is it nature or nurture – genetics or environment? Decades of research has been conducted in this area and the evidence points to the following two facts:
• The correlation between IQ and exceptional performance is rather frail in many areas, including chess, music and academia.
• The perception of “natural talent” or ability from an early age is no indication of later exceptional performance with many researchers referring to talent as a myth.

So, what makes the difference then? Why is it that so many of us can spend years in our industry and never improve? This presentation will equip you with the attitudes, knowledge and practical tools to start the journey toward peak performance, whatever your chosen field.

Client Feedback

...His insights into the evolving world and societies we now live in, coupled with an informative vision of the future of our world, proved very beneficial. His relaxed presentation style and thorough research of the subject matter, interlaced with his dry humour, set the scene for our conference

Eddie brought a fresh and insightful look at Emotional Intelligence but in a manner that appealed to his audience. The key message was that we all choose how to react and he gave practical tips on how to take the message further. Feedback afterwards was overwhelmingly positive and I am sure we will be seeing Eddie in the future.

I have heard Eddie speak twice and both times I have been struck by his deep insight into the subject of leadership, as well as his knowledge, wisdom and intellect. Eddie has also co-facilitated a discussion group with me and is able to strike the perfect balance between listening well, imparting knowledge and gaining trust.  He is intuitive and sincere and his well-rounded learning gives delegates an immediate sense of his sincerity and intuitive teaching abilities. I can't wait to work with him on more workshops and presentations

It was our privilege to have Eddie Botes at our yearly Sanlam Group Secretaries Conference in Cape Town. His presentation:  "Achieving greatness through a shift in thinking", was very informative, interactive and engaging. He kept the ladies glued to their seats with interesting facts whilst challenging their current paradigms about how they see their work, life and success! He gave us a fresh view on how your thinking is key to achieving greatness in your personal and professional life

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