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Gigster.online is the revolutionary way of booking live entertainment for events!

Hundreds of corporate clients, event organizers, entertainment bookers and private clients gain instant access to over 600 of SA's best musicians, superstars, MC's, comedians, celebrities, speakers, specialty & novelty acts, and more - available for bookings in South African and beyond.

As a Customer
Gigster helps you find suitable Performers for your Event, and offers a dynamic and feature-rich platform on which to negotiate and confirm a live performance booking.

As a Performer
Gigster puts you in the driving seat to find clients, negotiate, agree, contract and get paid for your live performances at events and venues.

The platform markets performers on its public interface, and introduces performers to customers. Once potential customers identify and enquire with an act or performance, the gigster.online platform facilitates the entire cycle of negotiation, agreement, contracting and payments to book and pay for live entertainers. Read more hereabout how it works.


Powered by Five Seasons Entertainment, one of South Africa's largest and most respected live entertainment agencies founded in 2002, gigster.online is the realization of owner Carina Bruwer's dream to combine her comprehensive live entertainment industry experience and knowledge, with her passion for the internet and the endless possibilities of modern technology. With the intention of empowering performers with agency-acquired booking knowledge, innovative quoting and contractual tools, and the speed and convenience that only a dynamic online booking engine can offer, the objective is for Gigster to replace the manual agency service traditionally offered by Five Seasons Entertainment. After a two-year process of conceptualizing and development, the April 2016 launch of Gigster.online marks an important milestone which is likely to change the face of the South African events entertainment industry.

Software Development Partnerships

Five Seasons Entertainment has partnered with Acumen.zone to maximise the development of Gigster for the South African - and ultimately international - markets.

Acumen is a business solution incubator with built-in leadership, management, skills, knowledge experience, capability and capacity to take ideas that are good for business and humanity, from the earliest stage of development to working solutions for companies. acumen.zone invests in and builds solutions and companies that make doing business simpler, easier, smarter, more efficient and fun through intelligent use of technology.



As a result of the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on the live entertainment industry, Carina Bruwer has registered a new company Visio Productions to offer content creation services for commercial as well as creative industries, through which performers are also supported in offering digital performances and productions for corporate and public audiences. The company offers professional filming and editing services, and specialised livestream services through its partner company Panastream.

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Cost Guidelines

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