Spicing up the Airwaves with Sureshnie Rider

Well-known radio personality, Sureshnie Rider, is a multi-tasker of note and her love for people and sharing is almost infectious.  Not only is she a radio presenter and newsreader on 5fm's Roger Goode Show, she is also a DJ, TV production manager, MC, voiceover artist, motivational speaker, community builder and most importantly, wife and mother.  We managed to steal a few moments from her busy schedule to find out more about her and her career.

Gigster Online (GO): What can you share with us about yourself that most of your fans/followers don't already know?
Sureshnie Rider (SR): "People need to know that if there was an Olympics Category for fastest Toy Packing Away and Cleaning up Rooms, I would actually win Double Gold. :)"

GO: What made you choose to go into radio, and when did you realise that this is what you wanted to do?
SR: "I think Radio chose me.  It has been my calling since I was 5 years old, and I'm so thankful that my Journalism degree took me to a Varsity based radio station.  It is here that I began honing in on my skills, and then two more radio stations later, I find myself at my Dream Radio station...5fm.  I was always hungry to be on 5fm, and I made it my goal to work hard and to achieve it."

GO: You've also been involved with several television programs, which is your favourite media, TV or radio, and why?
SR: "I love both TV and Radio. Radio is my first love, but TV offers a very exciting chance to delve more into broadcasting. At present, I'm also developing my own YouTube platform, so that I can create my own little shows and insights into my life."

GO: You’ve met so many influential people in your career, who is the most memorable and why?
SR: "I recently interviewed my absolute childhood idol Johnny Clegg.  I cried on air, because I reminded him why, at 6 years old he changed my life.  He is South Africa's most important musical treasure, and he really shaped the way I embrace SA culture and how important it is to invest in dreams.  Johnny Clegg broke barriers on so many levels, and I want to follow in his footsteps."

GO: What are the highlights of your radio and television career so far?
SR: "I've gotten to be part of remarkable adventures.  In Radio, I was so privileged to go to Nashville Tennessee, broadcast the Top40 from there, and most importantly, spend a weekend interviewing and meeting Taylor Swift.  It was unbelievable!  And for TV, every time I got the opportunity to be behind the wheels of a supercar was amazing.  I was also lucky enough to work as Production Manager on "3Talk with Noleen".  She is an outstanding media inspiration, and I took so much away from my experience with the show."

GO: Who are the biggest inspirations in your life?
SR: "I'm inspired by everyday South African hero's.  I'm so blessed to always meet young, up and coming artists/presenters/dj's/businesspeople.  Kids inspire me every day to be better, to do better and to try harder.  I look into the eyes of my child, and I know that I have to aim to show her the best version of myself, so that she can be inspired to do great things."

GO: If not for radio and TV presenting, what other passions would you be pursuing now?
SR: "I've been told that I'm a "child whisperer/ Pied Piper of children".  Kids are my absolute favourite, and I would love to invest in a school or provide an environment of learning and fun with children.  I have Peter Pan Syndrome, so I know that I'm never going to grow up, and in this way, I'll always have wonder."

GO: What other interests do you have besides current affairs?  I believe you are somewhat of a self-confessed petrol head (having presented two motoring shows) …
SR: "Yes.  On any given day, if given the opportunity I will drive a super car, or just marvel at the mechanics of motoring.  I've recently started sharing my wisdom with motivational speaking, and one day, I hope I can also become a life coach.  I love sharing, I love being surrounded by people and I love exchanging energy.  So, if I could incorporate all of that in my life, I would."

GO: Having MC'd many international shows here in South Africa, how are you finding the corporate entertainment industry at present?  Has it changed a lot in the last few years?
SR: "Thanks to Gigster, I've enjoyed an amazing range of corporate and private events.  I've been in the broadcasting arena for 20 years, and I like to rise to challenges.  This has been the most gratifying experience in engaging with new audiences and I'm absolutely loving it.  My mind is constantly engaged and I'm enjoying working on different platforms for diverse clients."

GO: What prompted you to launch the Blow the Whistle campaign?  Please share a little more about this campaign with us.
SR: "The campaign is a very special one to me.  I am an active citizen and I have a vested interest in my beautiful country.  I want my daughter and all her friends to grow up without fear in SA.  Following the brutality experienced by several young women, I created a basic whistle that women could wear every day.  If they found themselves in a distressful situation, they could blow on it to alert for help.  We live in a society where we walk around with our faces staring intently at phone screens.  We sometimes miss the environment around us, and sometimes don't make the time to care for the real people that walk past us.  I want us to engage ourselves in being active citizens.  If we see something wrong, we need to rally to help, not rally for the best selfie."

GO: You've been using the Gigster online booking platform for a little while now and booked quite a few gigs, how are you enjoying using our booking system as opposed to traditional booking agencies?
SR: "I absolutely love the site, and the team.  I'm so honoured to be part of this booking agency and I've only experienced the utmost professionalism.  I find it extremely easy to use, and I also find that I'm able to communicate with the team and the client in case I'm unclear on certain procedures.  It has opened up my portfolio in many magnificent ways, and I've made some new lifelong friends and mentors along the way."

GO: Where to from here for Sureshnie Rider?
SR: "Sureshnie Rider has always been one ambitious lady.  I live with the mantra of "ASK, Believe, Receive".  So, I'm going to be asking the Universe for Success, I'm going to believe that the hard work I will be putting in, will grant me some of it, and I will believe that if I visualize a dream....it will materialize.  I begin the next chapter of my career and I'm so looking forward to spicing up the next 20 years in the broadcasting arena.  I have some exciting projects lined up, and in Noleen's famous tag line, "Do Join Me". :)"

With her endless energy and drive, we're sure that all her dreams will be materializing soon and we look forward to witnessing the birth of many exciting new projects and shared experiences. Book Sureshnie Rider Direct - CLICK HERE

Written by Marguerite de Allende @ Gigster Marketing. 24.08.2017



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