3 Tons of Talent! These incredible women are Worth their Weight in Gold…

As one of South Africa's most loved all-female groups, 3 Tons of Fun has performed at functions for several top companies locally, as well as overseas in exotic locations such as to Switzerland, Togo, Zambia, Ghana, Seychelles, Indonesia, Nigeria, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, London, Bahrain and Mauritius.

While the three incredibly talented ladies who make up 3 Tons of Fun may come from three different backgrounds, they certainly share musical talent and have a strong synergy on stage.

Gigster Online (GO): Who is 3 Tons of Fun?
3 Tons of Fun (3TOF): "3 Tons of Fun is one of SA’s most loved all-girl groups, who have larger than life personalities and voices to match. They are best known for their cover songs of artistes including Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor, Brenda Fassie and many more, as well as some awesome original hits including the crowd-pleaser 'Usibali'."

GO: What can you share with us about yourselves that most of your fans/followers don't already know?
Michelle:: "That I swim quite well and used to swim for a club when I was at high school."
Bulelwa:: "I am married with 2 kids and my husband is also in the entertainment industry."
Sthe:: "That I can play soccer and I am good at it."

GO: At what age did your passion for music start?
Michelle: "From a young age I always said I wanted to sing in front of thousands of people, and from the age of about 4 I was always singing in front of the mirror with my hairbrush as my microphone. I used to arrange shows for my teachers for their birthday parties at primary school as well."
Bulelwa:: "As far back as I can remember I was always part of the local community group where we used to sing and dance in the surrounding areas."
Sthe:: "When I was 9 years old, I used to have competitions with friends and I would always win."

GO: If not for your musical career, what would each of you be doing now?
Michelle: "I would probably be a remedial school teacher as I studied to be a school teacher and majored in psychology and linguistics."
Bulelwa:: "I would still be in the acting industry and singing opera."
Sthe:: "I'd be a famous, fat soccer star playing for Banyana Banyana."

GO: From television, to stage (Bulelwa and Michelle), as well as musical arrangement, composition and playing various instruments (Sthe), the ladies from 3 Tons of Fun are extremely versatile. How has this benefited your performance?
S3TOF: "We'd like to think that we are a full package and that each one brings in an element that completes us as a group. One of us is a writer and we have a couple of our own songs on top of the covers that we perform. Also, our stage presence and how we bring our songs to life (soul) completes the package."

GO: As one of the most loved all-female groups in SA, how do you manage to fit this all into your schedule?
3TOF: "I think because we all love what we do so we shuffle everything around and make it work because with love anything is possible."

GO: How did the three of you meet, and what made you decide to start performing together?
3TOF: "The group 3 Tons of Fun was formed to show the world out there that you don't need to be thin to be sexy and loved. We all auditioned and were chosen from hundreds of hopefuls and here we are today!"

GO: Known as "three larger-than-life divas", how have you navigated the ups and downs of working together?
3TOF: "rofessionalism and giving each other space to breathe, we all have very different personalities and each one has their place."

GO: What advice would you give any new young artists wishing to follow in your footsteps?
3TOF: "Focus on education. It's not a bed of roses as it might seem, especially in the SA industry. Stay humbled. Nothing worthwhile in life comes free, you must sweat for it."

GO: How long have you been using Gigster's online booking platform?
3TOF: "Since its inception, as our manager (Glenda) has always been a huge supporter of Carina and Five Seasons Entertainment."

GO: What is it about Gigster's online booking platform that appeals to you?
3TOF: "That a client can get a few quotes for a variety of bands in one go!"

GO: Where to from here for 3 Tons of Fun?
SR: "With God's grace, we should be celebrating 2 decades 10 years from now."

With their larger-than-life personalities and incredible voices, we're certain that the ladies from 3 tons of Fun will certainly still be wowing audiences all over the world as they fill the stage with their own unique brand of razzle-dazzle.

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Written by Marguerite de Allende @ Gigster Marketing. 10.10.2017



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