Location: Based in Johannesburg


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Career Highlights

Wolflock has performed in various countries around the world. Some personal highlights include:

  • Raising over R100 000 for a little girl who was suffering with cancer
  • Being part of the 2005 WEAR (World Escape artist Relay) challenge where a number of Escape Artists from all around the world did an Escape on the same day
  • Doing a big Magic and Escape show in Thailand for the Annual Boy Scouts Camp (many schools involved)
  • Numerous Weddings in China where he tailored his act to reveal their wedding rings in a magical way
  • Many Corporate events (in various Countries) where he has had to introduce a new product release via magical means
  • Being interviewed many times in connection with Entertainment and have even had some of his notes published in other magicians' books.

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Typical Budget for Wolflock is
R2000 - R10000.


Submit a booking enquiry directly with Wolflock, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


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