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Creating a Winning Mindset
In this business keynote, Thando moves a mediocre performer into championship thinking through inspiring the very core of our existence, the subconscious mind. A tweak in the belief system and internal processing metas will turn a failure mind-set into a winning one. The value system gets a facelift and we reach out to the winner’s podium – where we all belong. An organisation with employees who are fully present, fully engaged and fully functional will prosper.

The Power of Team
“One is too Small a number to win championships”. It takes a team to achieve greatness. In this deeply inspirational and reflective intervention, Thando deconstructs the secret behind winning teams. As Patrick Lencioni and Peter Senge Observe, highly skilled individuals do not automatically equal a winning team. It takes more than technical skill to build championship-wining teams. Go on a journey and discover the power and make up of a winning team. This transformation training is a must have for organisations that believe in building and fostering the culture of working in teams.

Harnessing the Force of Change
Back in 2000, Reed Hastings the founder of Netflix (Online streaming" and On-demand video business) approached former Blockbuster CEO John Antioco and asked for $50 million to give away the company he founded — Netflix.  Antioco, thinking that it was a "very small and limited niche business," ended the negotiations and didn't buy Netflix. Today Netflix has a market value of over $32 Billion and Blockbusters is no more. Change is the biggest constant in our lives both professional and personal. Individuals and organisations that thrive in today’s competitive world have mastered the three point challenge of change. Discover how to manage change and keep your organisation/team ahead of the change curve. This intervention is beneficial for organisations planning to or going through change.

The Smell of the place – Creating an enabling culture in your organisation
“Think of Calcutta in summer” – Professor Sumantra Ghoshal tells of his hometown where his parents live in India and he visits them every July. “Imagine the heat, the humidity, the noise, the dirt. It sucks up all your energy, drains your brain and exhausts your imagination. Now compare that with the forest of Fontainebleau”, near where he used to work in France. “The fresh smell of the trees, the crispness in the air, the bright flowers and the tender grass underfoot. The heart lifts up and the energy and creativity bubble. Where would you rather be”?
You can smell it when you go through the doors of any business – whether it has the atmosphere of Calcutta in summer or Fontainebleau in spring.  The culture of the organisation determines the smell of the place. It’s important to note that culture will eat strategy for breakfast. Culture must be defined, inculcated and driven from the top.  A lot of organisations have volumes of strategy but lack the right culture to align their business. In this transformation keynote/Intervention, Thando helps your executives and teams mould and model the right culture that will turn the smell of your organisation from Calcutta in Summer into Fontainebleau in Spring.

Noteworthy Performances

Thando speaks to organisations and individuals at executive, senior management and talent search level. Both Personal and organizational development are a MUST for every serious organization in any sphere of industry. Some of Thando’s clients include organizations such as: Ozone Services Industries, Nedbank, BARCLAYS/ABSA, Habakuk Trust, Blue Ivy Business Solutions, The Simages Group, Hilltop Ministries, Vision Africa Foundation, Pragma Leaf Consulting, Amiroi Global.

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Event Services

  • Keynote presentations to uplift your corporate message and inspire staff
  • Strategic interventions and workshops on leadership, Sales and Teamwork

Client Feedback

  • “Thando has an amazing gift. Gave us a highly loaded presentation that left us motivated to be the change we want to see"  -  Reward Sibanda, President: The Reframe Group International, San Antonio, USA
  • "Thando’s rallying call is for each of us to be a catalyst in our team, something which resonated strongly with our teams, it was a real energiser"  -  Risper Genda, MD, Barkleys Internal Audit
  • "Thando Really has a gift in Motivating and inspiring others" - Charity Sethlake, CEO - I Can Maxwell Consuting Services
  • “Thando is an inspirational speaker of note. He enthrals audiences by the way he brings complex matters to sheer simplicity.  A  “Must see” – an Epic Speaker with a passion!"  -  C.Nyathi, Head: Retail Bank, Barkleys Group


Typical Budget for Thando Sibanda is
R15000 - R30000.


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