Luminous LED Light Dancers&Jugglers

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LED Spinning Pods

With a multitude of striking color, rainbow, and strobe settings, LED pods are always crowd pleaser. A transparent silicone casing in the shape of a pod or tear drop, protects a smart LED light center. Why is it smart? Well for one, because these props have gravity sensors meaning the faster the dancers spin them, the faster the lights change. This makes for great crowed interaction.

LED Fiber Optic Pixel Whips

An enchanting fairy light effect paired with superior fiber optic technology. In the style of a whip, long stretches of fiber optics project magnificent varieties of color combinations. When spun and manipulated by dancers, the colors from the pixel whips come to life as strands of fiber optics dance around the room. Simply put, an amazing addition to any event.

LED Juggling

Watch closely, or you'll miss it! Our talented jugglers will bewilder onlookers with their colorful LED ball tricks. The LED balls have many different solid color, rainbow, and strobe settings. When juggled with, it seems as though the balls are effortlessly moving on their own. Audiences will enjoy catching glimpses of the jugglers' hands, darting about in the dark. Expect to see a variety of solo tricks as well as 6 ball partner passing patterns and exciting stealing variations.  

Pictures by Light 

Customise a performance with your very own logos, images, or photos! How does it work? Clients provide the performers with their selected images. The performers then program the images into their smart led pixel poi technology. Then, performers will dance while spinning the pixel poi and voilà – the programmed images are displayed in excellent definition and color. Have a company logo displayed for brand awareness, share memories with guests by displaying personal photos, or add to the theme of the event with relevant images for that something spectacular. The possibilities are endless.

LED Trick Hula Hooping

Not your average hula hooping. Audiences will be inspired the fantastic things the dancers are able to do with their hula hoops. What’s more, these smart hula hoops project an impressive variety of colors, patters, and pixel images. Pared with beautiful choreography and ambient LED light settings, a hula hooping performance is an absolute pleasure to behold. 

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Performance Options

  • LED Spinning Pods
  • LED Fiber Optic Pixel Whips
  • LED Juggling
  • Pictures by Light 
  • LED Trick Hula Hooping


Typical Budget for Luminous LED Light Dancers&Jugglers is
R1500 - R5000.


Submit a booking enquiry directly with Luminous LED Light Dancers&Jugglers, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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