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As a versatile speaker, Mr Gibson can address a number of different subjects, including analysing the South African political situation and discussing economic prospects for our country.  Sufficiently bilingual, he also welcomes opportunities to address Afrikaans audiences.

Other talks within his offering include:

South Africa: Past, Present and Future
A piercing look at our country by an analyst who remains an optimist.

Behind Embassy Walls
High dramas, bureaucratic mistakes, and the darker and lighter sides of diplomatic life and work, as witnessed by an ambassador to four Southeast Asian countries.

Lady with a Future
A close personal look at the Nobel Prize-winning freedom icon, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the movement towards democracy in Myanmar (Burma) by an ambassador who met her at her home on three occasions.

Amazing Thailand
A fascinating country, moving into the modern world within a religious and monarchical context, its people striving to make it the next Asian Tiger.

The USA and China: A Peaceful Pacific?
Prospects for co-operation as the USA and China both emphasize their future as Pacific Powers and China deals with human rights pressures.

ASEAN: The next Asian Tiger?
The 10 member Association of East Asian States will form a free trade area by 2015 and promises to become a major economic force with members like Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. There could be major trade opportunities for South Africa in ASEAN.

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