Corporate Logo Spinners

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The Future is now! With LED technology evolving at a rapid rate we are at the forefront of performing arts and technology. These amazing props allow us to fully program any Graphics, Logos, Slogans and even full resolution pictures. The results are spectacular and can be personalized around any theme, event or person to create a truly unique and unforgettable visual experience for your guests! A fantastic method for brand awareness and advertisement of your company, we have various show options for you to choose from.

More about the LED Pixel Props:

These amazing dance props work on what is known as a Persistence of Vision or POV. They allow us to upload any images (via PC) onto the props and set them up on a timeline. As the dancer whips the props in mid- air the images are then reflected within the spin, creating the desired picture. We can upload any image, beautiful graphics and designs, full resolution logos, slogans and product pictures - even full images of people.

Arrivals / Ambient Freestyle

These performances can be used as welcoming entertainment, entertainment for festivals, clubs and any public events where you require entertainment over more extended periods of time. These performances are freestyle but we still include custom programming of 1-4 unique timelines for your event and performances can be spread over 1 hour. Rates and Costs vary depending on your requirements.

Custom Choreography

With complete customization of the pixel prop programming, costumes, music and theme we sit with you through the entire creation of the Act to ensure your requirements and outlook of the show is met.

Noteworthy Performances

The Corporate Logo Spinners have performed at various events across South Africa, including performances for:

  • Red Bull
  • Standard Bank
  • Woolworths
  • Oracle
  • FNB
  • Nandos and Debonairs

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Budget Range for Corporate Logo Spinners is

R3500 - R16000


Submit a booking enquiry directly with Corporate Logo Spinners, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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