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BlackRoots Marimbas started with three ladies from Gugulethu in Cape Town who started playing marimbas together in 2010. They fell in love with the art and started looking for sponsors for their own instruments. In 2012 Arm in Arm in Africa (through J.L Zwane Church) sponsored the ladies with a set of marimbas and Blackroots Marimbas was formed.

Since its formation, Blackroots Marimbas has performed at a variety of places ranging from Aquila Game Reserve, Moshito Music Festival (2013 Joburg), the Budget Speech at Parliament, the Protea Hotel, Woman’s day festival at Baxter (2015), Mother City Live Festival(2015), Cape Cultural Collective events, The Rockwell Theatre, UCT June Graduations 2016 and at various matrimonial occasions thereby showcasing their versatile nature.

They are the 2013/2014 Western Cape Award Winners of the "Promotion of indigenous Art Forms" Award.
Having gone on to add indigenous instruments such as the Mbira, uHadi (bow) and the modern day electric guitar to their repertoires, BlackRoots has formed a unique sound that they categories as Neo –traditional Indie.

The band is led by Sibahle Sky Dladla (an African Music student at the University of Cape Town) and the other band members include Ntombekhaya Halam, Sharon Mhambi, Eric Hunt, and Rashid Adams also UCT students.
Blackroots has two sets of repertoires which cater for different types of events. The first is a repertoire for offstage performances which includes popular songs such as Igqira Lendlela, Aint no Sunshine, Pata Pata, Welcome to Cape Town, and Waka Waka. The second repertoire is for stage performances, this includes songs such as Chemutengure, Killimanjaro, Tshikombela and original compositions such as Beautiful Mahogany and Nyawo Zinodaka.


Sibahle Sky Dladla (Managing Director) African Music student at University of Cape Town
Sky was born in Gugulethu and started playing marimbas in 2009 at Pinelands High School and later on that year she started playing professionally for a marimba company called AmaAmbush. She then went on to form the Blackroots Marimbas Band which she is now managing and directing. She expanded her love for African music by enrolling at UCT for African Music and now plays various African instruments such as Nyunga nyunga, uhadi, mbira, chitende, djembe, percussion and the African marimba. Sky has also recently returned from Mozambique where she took part in workshops on traditional Mozambican instruments such as Timbila, nyunga nyunga, chitende and Makonde drumming.

Sharon Mhambi Social Development Student at University of Cape Town
Sharon was born in Gugulethu, Cape Town where in 2010 she co-founded a CBO in Gugulethu for teens called Be U 2 The Full. In 2011 she joined Broadway in South Africa which she later travelled with to New York, touring, singing and dancing. Sharon is a co-founder of Blackroots Marimbas and she plays the tenor marimba and the Mbira. She has a degree in Social development from UCT.

Ntombekhaya HalamMarketing Student Northlink College
Ntombekhaya was born and grew up in Gugulethu. She started traditional dancing at the age of 10 with other young girls from Gugulethu and her love for African music expanded when she began drumming for the group. Ntombekhaya is also a co-founder of Blackroots Marimbas and she plays the base, tenor and the alto marimba.

Eric Hunt (Percussionist) - Opera student at the University of Cape Town
Eric was born in Jankemp Dorp, but grew up in Sekhing in North West. In High School, Eric made history by being the first learner to reach the provincial and national level of the SASCE competition as a tenor soloist and went on to win the provincial. Eric is studying Opera at UCT and this is where he met Sky and expanded his love for African music by joining the band as a percussionist.

Rashid Adams - African Music student at University of Cape Town
Rashid was born in Cape Town and is studying his Masters in African Music at UCT majoring in Guitar. His love of music started at the age of 5 where he started playing guitar. He nurtured this love in his church band and has gone on to play the electric guitar as well as the acoustic guitar. Rashid joined the band in 2015 and he plays the alto marimba, the Mbira, the African Harp and he is also a percussionist.

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Budget Range for Blackroots Marimba is

R4500 - R12000


Submit a booking enquiry directly with Blackroots Marimba, and the Artist or their manager / representative will be in touch with you soon!


Should you be unsure about which acts to enquire with, you can choose to SEND GIGSTER YOUR EVENT DETAILS and we will forward your enquiry to up to 5 suitable acts.

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