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Are YOU a performer or supplier of entertainment services suitable for the events industry? We would love to hear from you! Listing on is FREE; a commission is paid on confirmed bookings only, and our sophisticated Quote Wizard ensures that your quotes includes this commission, which is based on your average budget range and will always be lower than the industry standarg for agencies. If approved, your act will get exposure to a large chunk of SA's live entertainment booking corporate and private client base, and you will probably receive regular enquiries, which you would be expected to respond to promptly, using the Gigster platform which has been meticulously designed to assist performers with quoting for, and confirming gigs.

Please read through the criteria and guidelines below before proceeding to the application form.


Hundreds of clients and entertainment bookers use Gigster with the knowledge and assurance that the acts listed on this site have been carefully screened and approved by our entertainment specialists, and therefore the vetting of artists and suppliers is one of our most important services to potential clients. Hence, we unfortunately do turn away a large number of applicants which either do not have the material required to market their act, or are simply not ready for the event entertainment market. Others may have potential but fall within a category that may already be overpopulated on our roster. Here's what we look for in an application:


We only consider acts that have professional performance experience; i.e. we are not able to consider acts that are looking at Gigster for that first gig! Ideally you should have performed at at least 10 formal paid events - either corporate functions, private parties, weddings or live concerts. We do ask for previous client references upon application, and will make contact with these clients to verify the information and request their feedback.


We can make a quick quality judgement by watching footage of an act's performance. Don't worry, we also know how to distinguish between amateur and more professional footage, and would not judge you on the quality of the actual footage - we can see past that! We are looking at the actual level of performance, at crowd interaction, and at the general contribution your performance would make at an event. If you are really worried about the quality level of your footage, or you do not have any footage at all, you can still apply, but keep in mind that footage is one of the first things potential clients look for, so we are unlikely to approve your application before you have footage to show.


We are only able to consider acts with quality images (ideally 4 - 8). This can be a selection of studio and live pics; and the "studio" pics could even be done by a non-professional, but keep in mind that your pics need to say something about your act, and need to be styled to some extent. You won't get far with a homemade collage made up of act members' ID pictures or arbitrary pictures of members with their instruments. Put in an effort - it makes a big difference!


* Your act's genre needs to be event industry-friendly. We generally do not consider acts that are too alternative / underground, as these genres do not appeal to the type of client base that make use of Gigster.
* Furthermore, some genres on our roster are already very well-represented and to be fair to our listed acts, we cannot flood a genre with too many acts. Rest assured that if your act does fall in such a genre but stands out above the rest, we will make an effort to place you.


Although Gigster has been designed for maximum simplicity of use, it still requires some level of technical understanding and online literacy.


The event industry is fast-paced and for Clients, most enquiries are urgent. We expect Gigster-listed artists to respond, quote and correspond with clients promptly and clearly, using the platform's messaging interface and quoting machine. If you are not online and/or checking and responding to emails at least twice daily, Gigster is not for you.


Ready to submit an application? APPLY HERE

If your pre-application is approved, you will be invited to a second application round in which you will need to supply important Act / Company details, as well as the following promotional material:

* An informative and up to date Artist blurb - this should consist of 3 - 5 informative paragraphs that describe the act in terms of artistic style, member makeup and performance offering. Include details of any awards received, large / important events performed at, and any significant media coverage
* 4 - 8 jpeg images (with a width of 429px)
* Up to 8 mp3 sound clips (for musicians / bands)
* Youtube links of 1 - 5 of your best videos
* Repertoire list (for musicians / bands)
* Artist profile in Word format, without contact details / website links, as an additional download on your Gigster listing page (optional)

Have you read through the Artist Application Info & Criteria and are ready to submit an application? APPLY HERE



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